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18th Dec


Greentech is Featured in “The Construction Gang”

Greentech Excavation Company

Greentech was featured in an article in “The Construction Gang” magazine.  The feature details Greentech’s mission to use green products.


After spending 16 years working as a foreman on union jobs, Chad Bickle decided to use his experience in a new venture, Green Tech Excavation Company. The company has allowed him to blend his construction background with his long held interest in the environment: “I’ve always been self-conscious about the environment, and so I decided, why not start a green construction business?”

The business began with two CAT rigs, a 257 skid steer, and a long boom 305 excavator. Bickle chose CAT for two reasons. First, he likes the quality of their products: “CAT is a leader in motors for heavy equipment.” Second, he likes the fact that his CAT machines are Tier IV, creating the smallest amount of carbon of any machines on the market.

The Tier IV rating was just the starting point for Bickle. He had the dealership, NC Machinery, convert the hydraulic systems to run on agricultural based lubricants-vegetable oil-so that he could “get as green as it gets.” According to Jim Plaisance of NC, the process is pretty straight…

Read the Full “Construction Gang” Article here.

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