Green Tech – Sustainable Earthwork Solutions.

Green Tech is an excavation and earthwork company based in Pierce County, Washington.  Company founder, Chad Bickle, brings extensive experience from several large union construction firms in the Puget Sound region.  Through his experience, Green Tech is able to deliver the highest quality work, with the flexibility to suit your needs on projects of various sizes.  Whether utilities, or total site development, Green Tech will deliver at a competitive price.

Our Mission

In an era of increasing emphasis on “green” and the environment, Green Tech brings a new focus and attitude to the excavation industry.  Getting the job done is always our priority, but doing it in a way that is sustainable, economical, and with the least impact on the natural environment is what sets us apart from the competition.

Chad Bickle
(253) 223-1120
Lakewood, WA  98498